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May 17, 2009

Conservation Measures for Lawn Watering in Effect June 1

sprinklersStarting June 1, DWP water conservation measures go into effect restricting lawn watering with automatic sprinklers to Mondays and Thursdays. Watering must be done before 9am or after 4pm. Rotator-type or gear-driven sprinklers may not be on for more that 15 minutes per day, or not more than 10 minutes for other (i.e., non-rotation type) sprinklers.
Violations are subject to fines.
Also, the "hand watering" exception mentioned does not override the 9am to 4pm restriction. If watering by hand, you still have to do it before 9am or after 4pm., and the hose has to have a self-closing nozzle.
Below are several links with detailed information on the water conservation measures:
Shortage Year Rates Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions
Sprinkler Use Ordinance

Prohibited Uses of Water
Amended Water Conservation Ordinance

To report water waste call 1-800-Dial DWP or email

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