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June 25, 2009

Boy Scout & Cub Scout Open House

craigslistSeptember is Open House for our Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops!
For 100 years, Scouting has helped youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, citizenship skills and leadership skills that influence their adult lives. Remember the fun and adventure you had being a Boy Scout? Open that door to your son, grandson, nephew, or cousin and join the thousands of boys enjoying the Scouting program right now in the San Fernando Valley.
Scouting provides youth with a sense that they are important as individuals. They find that those in the Scouting family care about what happens to them, regardless of whether a game is won or lost. While various activities and youth groups teach basic skills, Scouting goes beyond that and encourages youth to achieve a deeper appreciation for themselves, their family and their community.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Scouting promotes activities that lead to personal responsibility and high self-esteem. As a result, when hard decisions have to be made, peer pressure can be resisted and the right choices made.
The Scouting program offers fun and challenging experiences for boys through activities like camping, hiking, building projects and community service, to name a few. The program builds boys mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. The skills they learn in Scouting help them overcome obstacles and challenges with courage and character throughout their lives.
Give your son a valuable gift by encouraging him to join Boy Scouts today. The time you invest in him today will make a difference in the person he becomes tomorrow. There are several units right here in your backyard. We invite you to drop in and check us out. Go to and see the list of all the Units in your area. Simply drop in at any of our meetings, or call ahead for information. Most Packs and Troops are slightly different in their program and approach, so we invite you to visit as many as you like to find one that is the best fit for your son and you. Invite all your friends to come along and visit us too. Bring in the coupon from this flyer when you join (at participating Units) and your son will receive a free Scout Handbook!

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Lake Balboa, CA 91409-7720

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