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April 6, 2012

Door-to-Door Sales and Doggy Doors


The police have identified two more ways burglars are finding ways of breaking in – Door-to-Door Sales and Doggy Doors.
Police are warning us about the door–to-door sales person. Some gangs are posing as sales people knocking on doors during the day. One of our neighbors witnessed such a team casing the neighborhood. The neighbor was in the yard and they passed by never stopping to talk and kept knocking. The best defense is to always to “answer” the door by not opening your door but calling through the door that you have no interest in what they are selling. They will know that this is not an empty house. If you are out, then set an alarm and also have a TV or radio playing while you are out.
NBC 4 recently did a story about Doggy Doors. Check it out:!/news/local/Doggie-Door-Burglaries-on-the-Rise-in-West-Valley/141520563. This story gives some good advice about how to protect your doggy door.

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