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Energy Upgrade California Rebate Program

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You are invited to participate in bringing awareness to your community about a home energy upgrade program that provides residents up to $8,000 cash back for a limited time. The goal of Energy Upgrade California is to improve homeowners’ quality of life by reducing their energy bills, providing an effective approach in energy efficiency, and improving the comfort and health of their homes. However, the benefits do not stop there! A recent statewide study shows that a green home label adds an average of 9% price premium to the home!

For more information about  the summer special, visit:



Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles, visit:
https://energyupgradeca.org/county/los_angeles or call (877) 785-2237

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  1. I would like to know if I am able to improve the windows of my house with this Energy upgrade program. Please direct me to the related department.
    ( total 10 windows)
    Thank you.
    Yeumei Shon

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