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March 10, 2016

March 2016 Emergency Preparedness Information


Hi, Everybody:
Due to a snafu in the scheduling of the Community Room at the Flyaway, and for this month ONLY, our LBNC EP Meeting, this Saturday, March 12th at 9:00 AM, is at a DIFFERENT LOCATION!

SOS Survival Products, Training Room
15705 Strathern Street, #11
Lake Balboa, CA 91406
(800) 479-7998

To reach SOS, go north on Woodley Avenue from the Flyaway where we usually meet (or south from Roscoe), to the light at Strathern. Go east on Strathern a long block and a half. You'll see a sandwich-board type sign on the sidewalk on the north side of the street marking SOS. If you reach Haskell Ave., you've gone a little too far.
Come early for the best parking (please rideshare if possible!), and because we want to get started right at 9:00 AM. We only have the room until 11:00, at which time Jeff Edelstein, owner of SOS, has a FREE Emergency Preparedness Class, which I encourage you to stay for. (Call 800-479-7998 to register.) If you don't want to stay for the class, consider doing some browsing/shopping in the store if you've never visited before. As an EP "geek", I consider this my favorite "toy store", and I think you'll enjoy it, too. 😉
We've had speakers/classes for the last several meetings, so it's time for a change of pace. We'll have a PBS Documentary called Surviving Disaster, and even popcorn to go with the movie! We'll also discuss possible participation in the annual Disaster Preparedness Drill to be held August 6th in conjunction with LAPD, LAFD, Hospitals, the National Guard and several other Preparedness Groups.
Don't forget -- if you order anything from Amazon, please do it through our web site. Go down about 3/4 of the way on the page and see the block with Amazon information. Just click on the block and you'll go straight to the Amazon website. Shop as you always do. A small percentage of your purchase price will be donated by Amazon to the Southern California Preparedness Foundation AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU. Thank you! And please mark your calendar now for the FREE Family Disaster Preparedness Fair to be held on Saturday, October 1st, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, at Fire Station 87, 10124 Balboa Blvd. in Granada Hills. Stay tuned for more info!
Please take a look at the Agenda for lots of good EP information, especially our HAM and FRS/GMRS/Walkie-Talkie nets, both this Sunday, March 13th at 9:00 and 9:45 AM respectively.
Questions? Please contact:
Linda Pruett and Brian Tessier, EP Co-Chairs
Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council
Call: (818) 384-8375, Direct to Linda

Mailing address:
Lake Balboa NC
P.O. Box 7720
Lake Balboa, CA 91409-7720

(818) 779-9026

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