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Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council President’s Message

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Hi Neighbors!

With a budget of 9.9 million dollars you would think that the city of LA could get our streets swept, sidewalks repaired, potholes filled, trees trimmed… and (you fill in the blank).  I see complaints on NEXTDOOR.COM and on FACEBOOK that it takes forever for the police to come. Well, LA won’t be adding more police officers in this new budget. More and more money is going to the city for fewer and fewer services.

WE, YOUR Neighborhood Council, need your help. PLEASE complete the Lake Balboa NC Survey at: lakebalboanc.org/survey.  We need to have your information for our database. It will ONLY be used for community notices and requests.  Can we count on you?

The Budget Representatives from all 97 Neighborhood Councils will be meeting at City Hall on June 23, 2018 to discuss the 2019/20 budget issues. YOU are welcome to attend, please click here to see the flyer or visit the Budget Advocate website.

Linda Gravani, President
Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council

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