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Budget Advocates WHITE PAPER

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Hi Neighbors! OUR Budget Advocates have completed their white paper. https://lakebalboanc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/White-Paper-2019-Final.pdf

PLEASE READ at minimum THE FIRST 5 PAGES to obtain an understanding of the problems our city has.

The report refers to another report for a visual of why change is needed. The flyer will help you understand why after years of waiting for a street to be resurfaced, someone comes a week later and digs it up. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. (see color coding top right). That link is http://clkrep.lacity.org/onlinedocs/2017/17-1311_rpt_CAO_11-21-17.pdf

Forward your opinions, frustrations, suggestions to CD6 Nury Martinez: councilmember.martinez@lacity.org and/or the chair of LA’s Budget and Finance Committee: councilmember.krekorian@lacity.org

Who are the Budget Advocates – our neighbors who volunteer their time to fulfill the City Charter …. L.A.City Charter Sec. 909. Annual City Budget Priorities.

Each neighborhood council may present to the Mayor and Council an annual list of priorities for the City budget. The Mayor shall inform certified neighborhood councils of the deadline for submission so that the input may be considered in a timely fashion. Notice, it doesn’t state that the Mayor needs to listen… that’s where you come in. Thank YOU for participating,

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