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November 3, 2019

Airbnb Launches Anonymous Complaint Portal


You think that your neighbor is an Airbnb host and you and your neighbors have a complaint. As the City and short term rental platforms finalize regulations, be aware that Airbnb has established a link to their Anonymous Neighbor Complaint portal. While many people who use short term rental platforms are responsible hosts, it's vital that you report issues so Airbnb can help to resolve them. Whether parties, trash, noise or something else, Airbnb wants to know so they can address any nuisances or problems. Click on the link-

What happens when you submit an issue? After you fill out the form, you’ll get a confirmation email with a case number and a copy of your responses. The Airbnb team will review your complaint. If they match it with an active Airbnb listing, they’ll send your message to the host when possible. If you provide the listing’s web address, they’ll be able to follow up with you. If you provide just the street address, they can’t follow up with you but may still send your message to the host.

Mailing address:
Lake Balboa NC
P.O. Box 7720
Lake Balboa, CA 91409-7720

(818) 779-9026

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