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September 24, 2020

City Council Mandates Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Anti-Bias Training for All Neighborhood Council Members City-Wide

City Council mandates diversity, equity, inclusion, & anti-bias training for all NC members
On September 16th, the City Council unanimously supported a motion to establish mandatory diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-bias training for all members of Neighborhood Councils. The motion - which was originally put forth by City Councilmember Bonin - follows from Mayor Garcetti’s Executive Order #27, “Racial Equity in City Government.”
Our Department has been instructed to partner with the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners and the Civil and Human Rights Commission and report back to City Council on how best to implement this training for NC members. We’ll be sharing updates on this rollout as we have them in this newsletter and on our other channels, so please stay tuned.
Visit Council File 20-0990 to read the full motion, as well as Community Impact Statements submitted by NCs from around the City.
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