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February 1, 2024

Resources for Tenants and Landlords

Today is the deadline to repay rent owed between October 1, 2021, and January 31, 2023. The City of Los Angeles is working to prevent renter households from losing their homes and is spreading the message about resources available to help prevent Angelenos from self-evicting.

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Information for landlords and mom-and-pop property owners can be found here.

“In order to confront this crisis, we must do all that we can to prevent people from falling into homelessness in the first place,” said Mayor Karen Bass. “Together with locked arms, we will continue our work to provide resources for the people of Los Angeles.



Here are some steps you can take to find support.

Know Your Rights: 
Reach out for help. If you're facing an eviction, look for assistance right away. Information for landlords and mom-and-pop property owners can be found here.

Call the Los Angeles Housing Department Hotline at (866) 557-7368: 
Call for assistance right away. Representatives can help determine what options are available to you.

Determine Type of Notice - When to Respond?
If you received a pay or quit notice, you are typically not required to file an answer but you should reach out to the Los Angeles Housing Department. For the eviction process to be initiated after a 3-day notice, you will still need to receive an Unlawful Detainer (UD) notice.

Click here for help to submit your UD response.

Find resources and legal assistance:
Tenants cannot be evicted without a cause. Take any of the actions below to receive assistance.

  • We Are LA is a community-wide outreach effort aimed to connect Angelenos with the services needed to stay housed. Call the We Are LA hotline at (213) 584-1808. The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles — an independent nonprofit that works across the private and philanthropic sectors to support Mayor Bass’ vision for L.A. continues their focus on committing its resources to the critical work of homelessness prevention.
  • Call Stay Housed LA at (888) 694-0040 or visit them the website here.
  • Call LAHD at (866) 557-7368 or visit the Tenant Protections website here.
  • Call Eviction Defense Network at (213) 385-8112 or visit their website here

Contact The City:
Reach out to your local Council Office or find out who your council member is at:

If you have questions, please reach out to my office’s Help Desk by calling (213) 978-1028 or by visiting

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