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Business Committee – Linda Gravani, Chair
For more info contact Linda @ LindaG@LakeBalboaNC.org

Emergency Preparedness Committee – Linda Pruett, Chair
For more info contact Linda @ LindaP@LakeBalboaNC.org


  • Storage & Location,
  • Communication,
  • Education & Training,
  • Strategy Committee,
  • Supplies Committee,
  • Meeting Dates & Times,
  • Oversight Committee

EP Info: Classes/Training sessions are now being formed to be held in our community in the Fall. Please contact Linda if you are interested in attending.

Trainings- CERT http://www.cert-la.com
CPR http://www.redcrossla.org
First Aid: http://www.redcrossla.org

Health and Public Safety Committee – James Brown, Chair

For more info contact James @ JamesB@LakeBalboaNC.org

Land Use Committee – Tom Riley, Chair
For more info contact Tom @ Thomas@LakeBalboaNC.org

Outreach Committee – Allen Nelson, Chair
For more info contact Allen @ Allen@LakeBalboaNC.org

This committee is currently working on outreach events to be held in our community as well as partnering with the District 6 & 12 Council offices on community events.

We are working on making this one of the best communities to live, work, recreate, and carry out personal and organizational pursuits.

Parks and Recreation Committee – Jim Stein, Chair

For more info contact Jim @ JimStein@LakeBalboaNC.org

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