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June 27, 2010

Lake Balboa NC Election Information

** Election Day is May 27! **
2010 LBNC ElectionThe Lake Balboa Neighborhod Council Election is coming up on May 27, 2010.
2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Lake Balboa Studios
7412 Balboa Blvd.
Lake Balboa, CA 91406

Here is a list of the certified candidates for the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council Election, and their respective statements (if available, click the candidates name to read the statement).

Residential Stakeholder Representative:
· Cynthia L. Weichelt
· Jack G. Baird
· David A. Bernardoni
· Linda J. Schwering
· Sylvia Silva
· Linda M. Pruett
· Teresa K. Pollock
· Allen D. Nelson
Organizational Stakeholder Representative:
· Steven Leffert
· Lisa Reveen
· Glenn Bailey
· Sharon M. Brewer
· Ruth A. Doxsee (Write-In Candidate)
Senior Stakeholder Representative:
· Carl J. Schwering
Youth Stakeholder Representative:
· Evan M. Doxsee

For the official City Clerk lists of candidates, click HERE and HERE (Write-In List).
Make a difference in Lake Balboa!

Lake Balboa NC Election Info on the City Clerk's Official Election Website

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact the Lake Balboa NC President, David Bernardoni.

Mailing address:
Lake Balboa NC
P.O. Box 7720
Lake Balboa, CA 91409-7720

(818) 779-9026

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