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May 31, 2013

Balboa Sports Center Is Looking for Your Input!

Do you or your kids play soccer, tennis,  baseball, basketball, or play at the playground at Balboa Sports Center? Do you take part in one of the many classes held there?  If so,  you know the wonderful sports and youth programs supported by the Sports Center.    The Balboa Sports Center is forming an advisory board and inviting stakeholders to get involved.   The Advisory board will meet quarterly (every three months)  and would give you an insider's perspective and the ability to have your opinion influence the programs and address issues related to the Balboa Sports Center.
This is a great way to get involved and make a difference.     There is an application process that starts with an interest form.

One comment on “Balboa Sports Center Is Looking for Your Input!”

  1. Greetings, I hope this email finds you well.
    The MLS soccer team Chivas USA is looking for a new stadium, and I think the stadium should be built in Lake Balboa Park, near the corner of Victory and Balboa in the community of Lake Balboa. This move would be good because:
    * The team would stay in Los Angeles and keep it's Mexican fan base;
    * OTM (Other than Mexican) fans will have a San Fernando Valley team of their own to support;
    * I believe there are currently many fans in the San Fernando Valley who would support the team, who don't drive to StubHub because it is too far, but would attend games in the new Lake Balboa stadium;
    * It would create a true cross-town rivalry;
    * the City/County of Los Angeles south of the hills already has the StubHub Center, Staples Center, Coliseum, Sports Arena, Forum, and probably many other arenas. This would be a great way for the City to "share the wealth" with the often-neglected City north of the hills;
    * You don't have to provide much parking. Most large stadiums in Europe offer virtually no parking--fans arrive on public transportation. (Aviva stadium in Dublin, Ireland seats about 50,000 and has 100 handicap parking slots--everybody else arrives by public transportation. Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain (Meal Madrid) holds 85,000 with very few parking spots.) Fans here can park in the Orange Line Bus park-and-ride parking lots and take the bus in. Also--this is America, the home of entrepreneurs! I can assure you that many businesses and schools will offer their parking spaces for a fee and provide shuttle service. Entrepreneurs will provide bus service from centers around the Valley, like is done currently for Hollywood Bowl events.
    * It can be made into a destination place, with stores and restaurants outside the stadium (instead of a massive parking lot) so people can shop and eat whether there is a game or not.
    * While it is being built, the team could play in any one of San Fernando Valley's High School, Jr. College, College or University stadiums.
    What do you think? Please let me know.

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