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July 31, 2017

Update: Sepulveda Basin Clean-Up


We would like to thank LA Sanitation, Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, the Los Angeles Police Department (Valley Bureau, HOPE Team, and Off Road Unit Officers), Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), and the United States Army Corps of Engineers for their coordinated efforts to help restore the storm water channel in the Sepulveda Basin that began in March.
The Department of Sanitation hired a contractor to remove trash, debris, unattended items, health hazards and homeless encampments. LAHSA provided outreach services to various individuals in the area. Invasive trees were marked by the US Army Corps of Engineers for removal. This team effort took nearly two months to complete.
Thanks to the collaboration:

  • Several homeless individuals were provided housing and accepted homeless-related services.
  • Approximately 1,060 feet of the City easement located in the storm water drainage was cleaned. The total cleanup length is approximately 2,600 feet.
  • Thirteen tons of trash, debris, and bulky items were removed.

The remaining trash and debris behind the storm drain is property of the Army Corps of Engineers who will begin restoration of their property next week.  Currently, LAHSA and Park Rangers are conducting outreach to inform individuals living there that a cleanup is to take place starting July 31st.

7 comments on “Update: Sepulveda Basin Clean-Up”

  1. "The remaining trash and debris behind the storm drain is property of the Army Corps of Engineers who will begin restoration of their property next week. "
    Hopefully this includes the area south of Burbank Blvd, between Balboa Blvd and Hayvenhurst?

  2. We need to press the closest major grocery stores like food 4 less on Sherman way and The Vallarta grocery store on Woodley to insure their shopping carts stay on their property. Can't tell you how many carts get dumped along or inside that river!!! Gross.

  3. Really? It's still a mess, including the short lived clean bus stop at burbank and woodley. Maybe one of these days someone will take this seriously.

  4. I was walking around Balboa Lake and went north of the lake where the dirt trails are and it is a mess along the water coming in through the north.

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