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March 12, 2018

Swan Boats Take up Residence at 2 Popular LA Parks, Including Lake Balboa Park


Echo Park Lake and Lake Balboa Park are now home to some giant white swans.
For at least the next five years, visitors will have the chance to take a ride on the popular L.A. lakes in swan-shaped pedal boats.
Some park-goers told CBS2’s Jo Kwon that the boats make for a romantic date idea.
However, some locals disagree, writing into a local radio station saying the swans would intrude on the beauty of the lakes.
Riders, who have to wear a safety vest while on the pedal boats, can rent the swans year-round, seven days a week from 9 a.m. until sunset.
The ride costs $11 for adults $6 for kids.

10 comments on “Swan Boats Take up Residence at 2 Popular LA Parks, Including Lake Balboa Park”

  1. Mayte.. Yes, at Boston Common in Massachusetts brings back a smile of memories of my brother Joe & I were only 6 and 5 yo when our parents brought us on Easter Sunday to ride the Swan Pedal boats .. they had beautiful
    Tulip gardens too ...ahhh so sweet

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