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June 10, 2019

Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council Needs Your Voices to Be Heard at the June 11th LA City Council Meeting


Hi everyone,
This urgent message is to notify you of an extremely important hearing taking place this Tuesday, June 11th at LA City Council. The Council will be discussing a State Bill (AB 516) that if passed, would severely impact LAPD's ability to tow cars/RV's that are in violation of the law. This includes streets that are posted for 'No Oversize Vehicle Parking 2 am-6 am.'
As you all know, in Lake Balboa we deal with problematic RV's and abandoned vehicles. If this bill passes, we would NOT be able to tow or immobilize (boot) those vehicles away in most cases. This means LAPD will have one less tool at their disposal to deal with this issue.
Councilwoman Nury Martinez is opposing the bill, and we need your help to make our case to the rest of the Council.
We are asking all community members to attend the council meeting to share their own experiences with abandoned vehicles, nuisance RVs, etc. that require us to be able to tow.
If this Bill passes in the State, it will severely impact Lake Balboa and cause an increase in abandoned vehicles, problematic RV's, and will affect the safety and quality of life for all community members.

The details are below:
DATE: Tuesday June 11, 2019
TIME: 10 am
ADDRESS: 200 N. Spring Street, Council Chambers, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Please let Lauren Padick know ASAP if you or your neighbors can attend. We need people to show up and help us make our case against this bill.
Lauren Padick
Field Deputy, Lake Balboa
Office of Councilwoman Nury Martinez
Ph: 818-778-4999
And as much as we would like people to physically attend the hearing, because it makes the largest impact, we understand that Tuesday is a difficult day to make it downtown. If you cannot make it, please submit a comment for the City Council online. Council File: 19-0002-S50
More info available here:
Make your voice heard. Please respond.

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