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Sepulveda Basin Fire Scorches 5 Acres, Displaces Homeless Camp

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Los Angeles Firefighters are working to get the upper hand on a blaze that displaces a large homeless encampment in the Sepulveda Basin.

A fast-moving brush fire in the Sepulveda Basin scorched five-acres Monday afternoon and displaces a massive homeless encampment. Los Angeles Firefighters are working to get the upper hand on the blaze as homeless aid workers are being called in to help relocate homeless resident displaced in the blaze.

The fire is confined to an area near Balboa Park, and no structures are threatened, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. However, the LA Metro Orange Line busway has been closed in both directions.

9 thoughts on “Sepulveda Basin Fire Scorches 5 Acres, Displaces Homeless Camp

  1. did you see all the trash and propane tanks etc . even a bed frame . what the heck is happening with this city?/ they do not care about the property owners who are charged with extra proposition tax to take care of lower income housing … false . extra taxes proposition to repair roads etc . what happened to those funds that were promised to be allocated.

  2. the task force did a sweep a while ago and only the very few 10 out of 300 people really wanted the service of housing , free medical , food and training… what do you do with the ones that were early release out of prison that can not get jobs because they can not get housing and some want to take there drugs and live a “free life” that is non conforming to the norm. What do you do with those people? Our crimie is much higher, people are more desperate and now with the increase in homeless from influx of other states as well as what has happened to this state. I am a native here and just disgusting at what has happened . This is a gorgeous state, I wish people would wake up and look what is actually happening. the immigration issue as well , sactuatury state??? what good is it doing ? YOU can not even take care of the people who reside here and born here!! What a disgrace this has become.

  3. To Mayor Garcetti and the LA City Council. Shame on all of you for not solving the homeless problem in our City. My vote for you Mr. Mayor was a mistake. Grab the bull by the horns as they say and take charge to resolve the homeless problem in Los Angeles starting now. Get agressive, do your job.

  4. Roxan S Hartstein the one off of the 405 was started by the homeless Encampment located near the Sunset Bl. overpass. How many homes were lost or damaged by that fire. Where are the ones who started that fire today?

  5. I wish they would patrol all of the areas and remove this homeless or whom ever is taking up a spot in the protected land !!!! Get them to the city with empty lots or unused buildings that are vacant !!! Our little land protected areas and parks are being Destroyed !! What was the point of working so hard to clean and beautify this area when the dam city is letting it get destroyed!! What a waste of my time and everyone’s time, tax payers and property owners who have to deal with this crap . The trash is horrible let alone not being able to enjoy the walking paths and biking paths at the fear of being assaulted!. What do we need to do to protect this area . It is bringing down the property values with this issue.

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