April 26, 2021

Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council’s free drive-thru Covid-friendly shred event at Mulholland Middle School

A big THANK YOU to all LAKE BALBOA community members/stakeholders that turned out this past Sunday for the LBNC’s free drive-thru Covid-friendly shred event at Mulholland Middle School.
In two hours, we had just under 70-cars and 22-bins worth of paper (which is equivalent to approx. 2.25 tons), according to the shredding guys.
Special thanks to the following community members, board members, & former board members for their support:
Carla Bautista, Ruth Doxsee, Kristen Fukitaki, Christina Garcia, Jasmine Garcia, Linda Gravani, Annie Hanlon, Russ Hanlon, Sandy Joseph, Gary Kay, Danica Middleton, Mary Pennomon, Linda Schwering, & Jim Stein.

Additional thanks to Raquel Segal & Joel Domine of Mulholland Middle School.

Mailing address:
Lake Balboa NC
P.O. Box 7720
Lake Balboa, CA 91409-7720

(818) 779-9026

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